A unique Anti-clostridial product that work on four axes which
Prevent of clostridial infection
inhibtion of clostridial micro organisms growth
Decrease the effect of clostridial toxins and symptoms
Prevent clostridial recovery
It also provide effective relieve of the different symptoms of clostridial infections such as intestinal inflammation , intestinal gases and gastric ulcers
it depends on Eugenol , garlic acid and a group of organic acids to produce a double resistance of clostridia

  • 50000mg Eugenol
  • 75000mg Gralic acid
  • 75000mg Formic acid
  • 200000mg Phosphoric acid
  • 50000mg Citric acid
  • 50000mg Acetic acid
  • 50000mg Copper sulfate
  • 1ml / 2 liter of drinking water

  • 500ml - 250ml - 100ml - 15ml