An integrated group of minerals , vitamins and amino acids with suitable concentrations of calcium and phosphorus
its contain vitamin (D) to increase calcium deposition on bones and vitamin (C) to increase the ability of calcium absorption
It is supported with lysine and methionine which act as chelating agents
It is also supported by organic zinc , manganese , biotin and vitamin (E)

  • 120000mg Calcium
  • 70000mg Phosphorus
  • 5milion i.u Vitamin D
  • 10000mg Vitamin E
  • 5000mg Biotin
  • 20000mg Lysine
  • 20000mg Methionine
  • 20000mg Organic manganese
  • 50000mg Organic manganese
  • 50000mg Vitamin C
  • 5000ml
  • 1000ml
  • 500ml
  • 250ml
  • 100ml
  • 15ml
  • 1ml \ 2 liter of drinking water