Yosimax  is a very distinctive combination of high concentration of live yeast supported with a group of fibrolytic enzymes that Has ability to reduce stress, enhance appetite, improve feed conversion , and increase productivity in ostrich farms.



  • Yosimax contains live yeast which is a rich source of nutrients that provides ostrich with vitamins such as vitamin B complex, enzymes and proteins that contain all the amino acids needed by ostrich.
  • Yosimax  improves beneficial microflora in the gut which is considered one of the main defense components in the digestive tract against enteric pathogens infection such as E.coli and clostridia and also it plays a crucial role in decreasing the development of intestinal disorders.
  • Yosimax  improves gut structure, crypt depth and villus height resulting in a better absorption of nutrients, optimum feed conversion ratio, and high weight gain.
  • Yosimax improves enteric immunity by increasing the number of goblet cells in the intestine which are responsible for secretion of mucins and glycoprotein compounds, which bind pathogenic microorganisms and reduce their adherence to the intestinal mucosa.
  • Yosimax  helps in reducing the deleterious effects of different adverse conditions or infections on body weight gain, on feed intake and on feed conversion ratio so it is the perfect choice in recovery period after infections or different diseases.

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