A pure source of vitamin (B) complex, vitamin (K), choline and taurine which support poultry production and immune response


  • Vitex has a strong positive effect on the process of feed metabolism due to its involvement in many metabolic processes such as protein, carbohydrates and fat metabolism resulting in a general optimization of growth performance and a marked increase in feed conversion ratio (FCR) of broiler chickens
  • Vitex maintains intestinal morphology and integrity resulting in enhanced digestion and absorption of dietary components and subsequently an improved feed conversion for both meat and egg productions
  • Vitex alleviates the adverse effects of heat stress due to its positive effect on the ability of poultry to tolerate high temperatures
  • Vitex regulates the production of certain coagulation factors in the blood plasma and clotting factors which leads to prevention of uncontrolled bleeding and maintenance of performance and production of poultry
  • Vitex supports fertility and hatchability of breeders through its important role in reduction of embryonic mortality, dead in shell chicks and cases of hemorrhage in the allantoic cavity of fertile eggs

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