A combination of essential vitamins to improve feed efficiency leading to immune system stimulation and high levels of production

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  • Vitastar improves digestion and absorption leading to high feed efficiency which improves the quality of production in broilers through prevention of problems of impaired feed conversion resulting in a major increase in weight gain, growth rate and feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Vitastar is supported by fatty acids for better solubility and absorption which produces an optimum effect on feed conversion and immune system stimulation
  • Vitastar increases absorption of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium leading to enhancement of meat production in broilers and egg production in layers and breeders
  • Vitastar improves bone mineralization which improves growth and development of bone and also prevents rickets and osteomalacia
  • Vitastar stimulates the immune system and immune response and improves the ability of poultry to resist various types of diseases which increases the survival rate and reduces mortality in poultry farms

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