Vitamirt is an extensive formula of all vitamins that ostriches need and supported by different other additives to ensure their role in enhancing immunity, performance, and productivity and to protect ostriches from the adverse effect of vitamins deficiency on ostrich general health.



  • Vitamirt is a very special formula that is involved in maintaining normal metabolism of feed components, enhancing liver functions, and improving feed conversion and productivity.
  • Vitamirt reduces the incidence of impaired growth, ruffled feathers, weakness, impaired egg production, and depressed immunity which are usually resulted from vitamins deficiency.
  • Vitamirt is very important for mucosal immune regulation and epithelial cell differentiation and also for maintaining mucosal integrity in the gastrointestinal tract to decrease the susceptibility of different infections.
  • Vitamirt contains vitamin D3 that is assisting the formation of bone and egg shell through the regulation of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis in ostrich body by influencing intestinal and renal absorption.
  • Vitamirt ameliorates production and immunity problems that are induced by heat stress such as suppressing immunity, lowering feed consumption, impairing body weight gain and also protects cellular membranes from being attacked by lipid peroxyl radicals.

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