Vintogen is biological and long-acting growth promoter that works into different directions such as nutrient digestion and absorption, liver functions, the intestinal health,antioxidant capacity, protection against potentially dangerous pathogens, and immunity to cover most of factors that influence growth rate which consequently increasing fish farming profitability.



  • Vintogen plays a great role in energy production in fish that is required for optimum growth performance and productivity in fish farming.
  • Vintogen improves nutrient utilization by providing fish with different types of exogenous digestive enzymes that ensure breaking down all feed components, the non starch polysaccharides, and the non nutritional factors that lead to promoting rapid digestion and high growth performance.
  • Vintogen helps in blocking the colonization of pathogenic bacteria by decreasing luminal pH, inhibiting bacterial invasion and adhesion to the intestinal epithelial cells
  • Vintogen enhances the gut immune response against ingested pathogens through reducing  the intestinal mucosa permeability and improving intestinal morphology of fish due to its role in the enhancement of barrier-forming TJ-related proteins.
  • Vintogen maintains the liver in a healthy status and prevents accumulation of fats on liver by up-regulating genes involved in fatty acid catabolism resulting in protection against toxic levels of ammonia and xenobiotics that affect health and productivity.

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