Valdator is an integrated toxin binder that must be added to fish feed to eliminate different types of mycotoxins that affect fish health such as aflatoxins, zearalenone, T-2, fumonisin, a and ochratoxins and their adverse effect on different important organs and immunity in fish body.



  • Valdator reduces the activity of aflatoxins and protects from its adverse effect on liver function which in turn ensure optimum feed conversion ratio.
  • Valdator can hydrolyze ochratoxins to ochratoxin-α which is less toxic and prevent its effect on kidney and also adsorb T-2 toxins and prevent its absorption in the body to avoid its effect on feed intake and gastrointestinal tract health.
  • Valdator is very effective against mycotoxins and fungi which are the source of mycotoxins due to its content of papain enzyme that is considered a peptidase enzyme that degrades any proteins such as mycotoxins and cell wall of fungi.
  • Valdator contains acetyl cysteine which is an excellent source of sulfhydryl groups and is capable of stimulating Glutathione synthesis, promoting detoxification process in fish body, and acting directly as a free radical scavenger
  • Valdator reduces the gastrointestinal tract inflammations that are induced by toxins and relieves the stress that results from mycotoxicosis.

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