Sitolar is a very special product with a unique formula that is specified for increasing the survivability rate of larval fish and its livability and  ability to withstand all difficult conditions during and after transportation and also improving its growth rate.


  • Sitolar increases the survivability of larval fish which are hatched with sterile and immature digestive systems and also protects their gastrointestinal tract from being inhabited by pathogenic bacteria.
  • Sitolar helps in  establishment of a healthy digestive system by colonization and its ability to produce natural antimicrobial compounds since the gastrointestinal tract serves as a barrier against invading pathogens,suspended particles and egg debris which are usually found in the pond.
  • Sitolar provides larval fish with algae extract which has a high nutritional value and also it has a natural antioxidant capacity, antibacterial activity, and  great ability to increase the phagocytic capacity of macrophages and the level of proinflammatory cytokines, thereby activating natural immune response.
  • Sitolar maintains water quality that hugely impact larval fish health  due to its content of different types of probiotics that can produce exogenous enzymes that break down protein and starch to smaller molecules, which are utilized by other organisms as an energy source and thus decrease the carbonaceous wastes.
  • Sitolar enhances immunity of the larval fish due to its content of bacillus subtilis that has a positive effect on lysozyme activity, and total immunoglobulin and different elements of the non-specific immune system such as mononuclear phagocytes, neutrophils and, natural killer (NK) cells.

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