Royalvit is a unique product which supports feed conversion leading to the best growth performance, fertility, egg production and immune stimulation in poultry flocks

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  • Royalvit optimizes digestion and absorption of feed in the digestive tract of poultry leading to a great increase in growth and feed conversion and also an improvement in feed conversion ratio (FCR). This unique effect reflects positively on the quality of poultry productions through prevention of problems of impaired feed conversion and slow growth rates
  • Royalvit increases absorption of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium leading to enhanced health and productive efficiency
  • Royalvit is involved in the process of growth and development of bone and also in prevention of rickets and osteomalacia
  • Royalvit stimulates the immune system and immune response and improves disease resistance against various types of diseases resulting in increased survival rate and reduced mortality
  • Royalvit protects the cells involved in the immune response against oxidative damage and enhances the function and proliferation of these cells. Due to its strong antioxidant effect, it has an immunomodulatory effect depends on protection of mitochondria and microsomes of the liver against oxidative stress

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