Quinozyme is a very integrated combination of different exogenous digestive enzymes for equine that work on getting all benefits of every single component that are included in feed which in turn increase the amount of the released energy which is required for obtaining high performance



  • Quinozyme releases starches, sugars, proteins, vitamins and minerals especially phosphorus more fully for absorption in the small intestine by making different nutrients that are protected against digestive activity by intact cell walls more exposed for enzymes and acids in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Quinozyme enhances energy balance that are required for motion and horse stamina due to its content of a wide range  of different energy liberating enzymes.
  • Quinozyme enhances the efficiency of feed utilization and improves digestion of carbohydrate in the foregut which is more efficient than its fermentation in hindgut.
  • Quinozyme improves digestion and absorption of protein in the small intestine where it can be efficiently utilized by the horse and prevent its waste.
  • Quinozyme ensures complete digestion of starch in the equine small intestine which is vital for the prevention of different negative consequences such as hindgut acidosis, inflammation of the digestive tract, and diarrhea.

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