Rotrix is a high-quality motion supporter that maintains the healthy status of bones and muscle and reduces the risk of muscular weakness as it is considered a reliable source of minerals, vitamins, and exogenous enzymes for energy metabolism which ensure optimal health and performance in racehorses and working horses



  • Rotrix helps in releasing energy slowly to enhance horses’ performance and stamina without any signs of exhaustion, weakness, or adverse behaviors.
  • Rotrix plays an important role in enhancing energy metabolism which is required for all metabolic processes in the horses’ body, muscle contraction, and Delaying onset to fatigue.
  • Rotrix reduces muscle soreness and stiffness in exercising horses and accelerates help muscles recover after exercise or hard work due to its content of vitamin E and chelated magnesium.
  • Rotrix provides horses with several chelated minerals which have high bioavailability to ensure proper bone development and support healthy hooves.
  • Rotrix reduces the risk of many disturbances such as upset of the normal flora and indigestion problems that are usually caused by the continuous stress on racehorses and working horses.

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