Protix is a biological growth promoter that is specified for ostriches since it is suitable for their digestive systems so it improves feed utilization, the absorptive capacity, and feed conversion ratio that helps the breeder to get maximum profitability.



  • Protix improves growth rate due to its role in increasing digestibility of feed and enhancing absorptive capacity of the intestine by increasing villus height and absorptive surface area.
  • Protix helps in development of healthy microflora in the hindgut of the ostriches to get more energy from the nutrient fermentation in the cecum and consequently have improved their performance.
  • Protix improves appetite and food intake through enhancing secretion of  the ghrelin  which is a peptide that is secreted from their gastrointestinal tract.
  • Protix provide ostriches with exogenous digestive enzymes to compensate the shortage of endogenous digestive enzymes as enzyme and acid secretion is restricted to an area of only 25% of the total inner surface area of the proventriculus
  • Protix helps young ostrichchicks to use fiber and get  the maximum benefits of it as the digestive tract of the young ostrichchicks is not mature enough to utilize the fiber that exists in their diet.

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