Various types of digestive enzymes that enhance meat production in broilers and egg production in laying hens



  • Pitozyme is a distinctive formula from various types of digestive enzymes that improve availability of nutrients in the body, and consequently enhance meat production in broilers and egg production in laying hens
  • Pitozyme supports broilers production due to its role in increasing appetite that improves feed intake and feed efficiency which positively reflects on feed conversion and growth performance in broiler chickens
  • Pitozyme enhances plasma concentrations of different amino acids in chickens which greatly participate in enhancement of muscle building, growth performance and improvement of the immune status
  • Pitozyme improves bioavailability of several minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium through prevention of binding to phytate resulting in maximum utilization of different nutrients in feed of poultry
  • Pitozyme increases availability of betaglucan that represents a substrate for growth of beneficial bacteria, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and supporting their role in improvement of digestion and enhancement of intestinal environment

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