Ovinex  is a high quality formula that causes a huge improvement in egg production qualitatively and quantitatively when it is added to ostriches feed since it provides them with very essential nutrients and helps in generating energy which is required for obtaining optimum productivity


  • Ovinex helps in maintaining the different structural properties of an eggshell including its thickness and porosity to decrease the incidence of invading pathogens into the egg which affects its quality.
  • Ovinex plays a vital role in the protection of the eggshell as it provides ostrich with Nano-Calcium which is considered one of the main components of the shell and calcium is provided in a nano form to ensure its bioavailability.
  • Ovinex decreases the rate of chick mortality, ensures the successful hatching of a viable chick, and protects it from different outside stressors since it enhances shell formation and calcification
  • Ovinex helps in development of the egg internal structure since it increases the synthesis of lipoproteins which are deposited in the developing yolk.
  • Ovinex helps in energy production through enhancing metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, enhancing utilization of different energy source of feed even the non starch polysaccharides and phytate and also due to its role in transporting long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria for β-oxidation.

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