Probax is a high quality group of beneficial bacteria which act as pond Therapy to maintain water quality, protect fishes from different stressors that affect their immunity and productivity and what makes probax very special is its ability to work in the whole pond not the surface only.


  • Probax contains aerobic and anaerobic bacteria which means its effectiveness is not limited to the pond surface only but it has the ability to digest organic debris that presents at the bottom of the pond where the amount of the dissolved oxygen is low which ensures maintaining the quality of the whole pond.
  • Probax has great ability to remove organic matter to protect ponds from turbidity which affect fish growth negatively as it contains heterophilic bacteria that degrade the organic matter to obtain carbon as these bacteria are not able to synthesize their own carbon sources.
  • Probax controls different pathogens due to its content of lactic acid producing bacteria that produce organic acids, lysozymes, hydrogen peroxide, and bactericidal proteins that can form pores in the membrane of target bacteria, even at extremely low concentrations.
  • Probax is an excellent additive to the larva pond as it is a very safe additive that can protect larva from pond pollution without any adverse effect on larve health and disease resistance.
  • Probax can break down dead plants or algae that may be found in the pond, as well as reducing odors caused by debris in the pond especially in hot seasons due to its content of beneficial bacteria that can produce a wide range of enzymes.


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