Ostrozyme is a very special combination of digestive enzymes supported with probiotics that is formulated specially for ostriches that helps in increasing profitability of farms by enhancing feed digestibility,releasing energy, and improving performance during different phases



  • Ostrozyme enhances digestion and absorption of feed by make the macromolecular feed constituents more accessible to the hydrolytic action of the endogenous digestive enzymes and then converting them into a micromolecular nutrients  which are more absorbable.
  • Ostrozyme Increases the availability of energy from different feed components through two ways, first way enhancing digestibility of fiber, starch, lipid, and other feed constituents and the second way is through decreasing the detrimental effects of the anti nutritive factors on energy and other nutrients availability.
  • Ostrozyme is the best choice for preventing the indigestion problems After exposure of ostriches to different stressors such as different diseases or transportation as stress causes improper ingestion of feed.
  • Ostrozyme helps in breakage of the polymeric structure of viscous non starch polysaccharide in the diet which in turn decreases their viscosity and reduces their anti-nutritive effect which affects the health of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Ostrozyme helps in preventing Stomach impactions in ostriches that are caused by inadequate feeding and sudden change of feeding.

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