Ostroval is a highly effective, stable, and absorbable formula of chelated minerals  which are very essential for all daily biological functions in ostriches and to maintain  high productivity



  • Ostroval has high bioavailability and is not affected by any antinutritional factors that may exist in the feed which ensures its efficacy in meeting the nutritional needs of ostriches and avoiding a variety of deficiency diseases.
  • Ostroval is very important in enhancing functions that are related to many metabolic processes and pathways since its content of minerals act as catalysts for different enzymes and hormones that are essential for optimum health, growth and productivity.
  • Ostroval protects ostriches against different signs of mineral deficiency such as poor growth and appetite, reproductive failures, and impaired immune responses.
  • Ostroval helps in Improvement of ostrich production quality even meat or egg by providing chelated calcium and nano phosphorus which are the most absorbable form that ensures high egg production with high quality.
  • Ostroval improves the antioxidant enzymatic systems since selenium is considered a component of glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) and can activate superoxide dismutase (SOD) that enhance their immunity and protect their meat production from any damage.

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