The perfect growth promoter and immune stimulant for poultry which contains pure sources of vitamins A, D3 and E

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  • Orvital supports the quality of broilers productions through prevention of weak feed conversion resulting in a major increase in weight gain, growth rate and feed conversion ratio (FCR) because it support digestion and absorption which leads to improved feed efficiency
  • Orvital enhances the rate of calcium, phosphorus and also magnesium absorption leading to enhancement of meat production in broilers and egg production in layers and breeders
  • Orvital prevents rickets and osteomalacia due to its role in improvement of bone mineralization
  • Orvital supports survival of poultry and also reduces mortality in poultry farms due to immune system stimulation
  • Orvital has an important antioxidant effect that helps in disease resistance and enhances productivity

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