A strong product with a strong toxin binding effect which leads to a complete elimination of mycotoxins and its symptoms

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  • Mycocid is a distinctive product which prevents of all types of mycotoxicosis
  • Mycocid inhibits microbial growth by lowering pH of the gut, and most microorganisms are susceptible to antimicrobial effects in low pH because, when pH is law, the cell will consume a great amount of energy to maintain the intracellular pH homeostasis which resulted in a great inhibition of fungi growth
  • Mycocid is very effective in biodegradation of mycotoxins with a multi-mycotoxin-degrading ability which resulted in the safest and the most successful toxin degradation
  • Mycocid supports the performance and production of broilers, layers and breeder hens due to its ability to bind to mycotoxins without reducing the bioavailability of other nutrients
  • Mycocid has a selective binding mechanism to toxins which leads to a very effective binding effect

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