Mactonix is a powerful formula that stimulates the immune system by inducing the activation of immune cells to effectively fight against different pathogens attacking animal body



  • Mactonix has been shown to strengthen immune functions and it is also exhibiting beneficial effects on controlling inflammatory diseases and microbial infections in herds of beef and dairy cattle.
  • Mactonix enhances immunity and health during stressful events by acting as immunomodulators and biological response modifiers, thereby mitigating some of the negative effects associated with different pathogens.
  • Mactonix plays an important role in the activation of innate immunity through activation of macrophages which are the major innate immune cells, increasing neutrophil activity and immune cells related to acute phase immune response.
  • Mactonix enhances the adaptive immune system of calves by increasing immunoglobulin concentration in the serum to support them during the pre-weaning period
  • Mactonix enhances cattle performance while minimizing morbidity and mortality through activating white blood cells in the immune system to increase resistance to bacterial, fungal, parasitic infections


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