Krovin is an effective biological formula that depends on biological extracts which produce a strong toxin binding leading to solving problems caused by mycotoxins in poultry



  • Krovin has a distinctive role in toxin binding with a special effect on mycotoxins, as it absorbs mycotoxins from the digestive tract which leads to complete disappearance of mycotoxins
  • Krovin has a strong positive impact on detoxification function of liver which alleviates harmful effects of mycotoxins and decreases bioavailability of mycotoxins which leads to reduce their harmful effects
  • Krovin works with a strategy based on the similarities in chemical structure between groups of mycotoxins and microorganisms which leads to degradation of mycotoxins
  • Krovin absorbs the toxins from the digestive system and prevents their absorption and access to blood leading to improvement of weight gain and feed conversion ratio
  • Krovin plays an important role in disease control through increasing immunity and improving immune system response, also it reduces count of harmful bacteria in intestine which decreases intestinal diseases leading to improved digestion and absorption

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