Kiporal is an important product which improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract of beef cattle leading to improvement of feed conversion ratio and faster growth rates



  • Kiporal enhances ruminal health by stimulating the development of a healthy microbiota, preventing enteric pathogens from colonizing the rumen which leads to increasing the digestive capacity and consequently improvement of growth rate
  • Kiporal impacts the defense system by regulating and modulating different inflammatory processes, it supports barrier formation and prevent competitive attachment of pathogens
  • Kiporal repairs to the tight junctions if they are damaged, decreasing the time needed for the host to make the repairs, also increase the amount of mucous secretion in the GIT
  • Kiporal produces antimicrobial peptides that target pathogenic organisms and induce the release of defensins from the epithelial cells. Defensins are small peptides or proteins active against bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Kiporal stimulates the innate immune response so host cells recognize pathogens more quickly, this helps reduce the amount of tissue damage, including inflammation and improve feed absorption

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