Gronix is a highly active yeast that helps to create the ideal environment for the rumen’s anaerobic microflora thus, enhancing feed utilization, digestibility, nutrient absorption, and improving growth performance



  • Gronix is a live yeast product that supports ruminal fermentation and regulates ruminal activity leading to better animal maintenance, growth, milk production and excellent immune system stimulation in herds of beef and dairy cattle.
  • Gronix increases appetite and enhances the rate of feed intake in herds of beef cattle which leads to growth rates, feed conversion improvement which leads to a positive impact on productive performance of herds of beef cattle.
  • Gronix Improves rumination behavior with reduced time between rumination bouts. Chewing and ruminating can contribute to increased saliva production, hence the higher buffer effect, as translated into improved rumen pH.
  • Gronix enhances ruminal health by supporting the multiplication of beneficial bacteria in the rumen which prevents the colonization of Gram-negative bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella by competitive inhibition among beneficial and pathogenic organisms in the rumen resulting in maximum resistance against gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Gronix improves intestinal integrity, it increases in the ratio of ileal villus height to crypt depth so increase surface area of absorption and improve feed conversion rates and high levels of meat and milk production.

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