Grencol is a biological growth promoter that has many benefits in cattle such as improving feed efficiency, increasing feed digestibility, and improving ruminal fermentation which are reflected on feed conversion and weight gain



  • Grincol is an advanced formula which stimulates feed intake and metabolism, also it provides energy for nutrient utilization which leads to a maximum improvement in growth performance and feed conversion in herds of beef cattle
  • Grincol facilitates the growth of beneficial ruminal microorganisms by decreasing pH through increasing production of lactic acid which improve feed conversion and weight gain
  • Grincol stimulates liver activity through enhancement of lipid metabolism, promotion of hepatocyte regeneration and inhibition of fibrogenesis of the liver which enhances growth rate
  • Grincol increases protein availability which leads to amelioration of building muscles, hormone concentration and also production of enzymes resulting in high levels of weight gain
  • Grincol reduces the incidence of diarrhea that is considered a major problem in young calves due to its role in reduction of count of pathogenic bacteria and improvement of digestion

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