Ginova is a great formula that targets the caecal ecosystem functions in rabbits, stimulates the digestive processes, and improves the gut microbial balance to ensure a high growth rate and weight gain



  • Ginova plays a vital role in improving the efficacy of digestion by supplying digestive enzymes, increasing the activity of microflora, and eliminating the pathological bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • Ginova enhances Crude fiber (CF) digestibility by improving the balance of some specific bacterial populations and promoting the establishment of fibrolytic bacteria to avoid any digestive disturbances.
  • Ginova improves absorption of different nutrients due to its positive impact on intestinal health and absorptive surface by restoring a normal gut assignment, increasing villus height, and maintaining the normal thickness of gut mucosa.
  • Ginova improves feed conversion ratio (FCR) in rabbits due to its role in reducing toxin production, stimulating digestive enzyme production by the host, and producing some vitamins.
  • Ginova reduces pathogenic bacteria in the gut through competition for adhesion to epithelial cells, increasing host resistance to pathogens colonization, and it also can stimulate the immune system of the rabbits.

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