Eroxal is a unique combination of most essential vitamins that provide the nutritionally recommended levels of vitamins for cattle and have the potential to positively affect cow health and productive performance



  • Eroxal is a special blend of vitamins which provides large ruminant animals with an ideal source of vitamins resulting in prevention of vitamins deficiency, enhancement of feed conversion rate, milk production, milk components and also improvement of reproductive performance and immune system status
  • Eroxal increases percentage of rumen undegradable protein that increases amino acid flow to the small intestine, and improves amino acid absorption resulting in improved growth rates in herds of beef cattle
  • Eroxal improves mammary gland host defense (i.e., immune function) and reduce mammary gland infections and clinical mastitis through the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, also it improves neutrophil function in case of intra-mammary infections
  • Eroxal increases the rate of Ca++ absorption, elevates plasma Ca, Ph to level suitable for normal bone mineralization and promotes absorption of cobalt, Fe, Mn and transport from the intestine, and so promoting calcification of bones
  • Eroxal provides most energy, amino acid and fatty acid synthesis that is important for milk production, it increases yield of milk, milk fat, milk protein, total solids and solids not fat, as it can optimize the amount and balance of nutrients absorbed from the gut which improve milk quality

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