Erolect is a high concentration product that provides an optimum immune system stimulation which leads to high levels of poultry productions and activity



  • Erolect is a strong antioxidant with a strong antioxidant effect that prevents membrane dysfunction which leads to maintenance of the integrity of the cell membranes resulting in low chances of incidence of chronic diseases and maintenance of critical cellular processes
  • Erolect has an immunomodulatory effect which protects liver against oxidative stress leading to enhancement of immune system status
  • Erolect enhances the function and proliferation of the cells involved in the immune response which provides a complete protection against oxidative damage
  • Erolect has an immunoregulatory role that mediates cellular communications and membrane fluidity and it is also important in the prevention of peroxidation of fatty acids
  • Erolect helps to relieve the adverse effects of heat stress on egg and meat productions of poultry

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