Bolmac is a highly effective and natural formula that improves digestion efficacy and liver functions mainly used in ruminant animals with the purpose to promote their growth and productivity



  • Bolmac is a safe natural product that improves the digestion and absorption of feed components, and also supports liver activity leading to high levels of growth and feed conversion in herds of beef cattle.
  • Bolmac is a natural manipulator of ruminal methanogenesis, it can reduce methane production without any detrimental effects on rumen fermentation
  • Bolmac can accelerate hepatocyte protein biosynthesis and cell regeneration in the liver, leading to the enhancement of its functions which result in an optimum feed conversion rate, a better body condition score and a higher weight gain.
  • Bolmac stimulates liver activity, enhances lipid metabolism, and helps in decreasing the incidence of fatty liver and mitigating its adverse effect on health status and reproductive performance.
  • Bolmac increases the hydrolytic capacity of the rumen mainly due to increased bacterial attachment, stimulation of rumen microbial populations and synergistic effects with hydrolases of ruminal microorganisms.

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