Birovin can eliminate wide range of mycotoxins and prevent their absorption without compromising nutrient adsorption and at the same time it can eliminate their negative consequences on animal health



  • Birovin can mitigate different mycotoxins and their adverse effect on animal health such as reduced intake or feed refusal,reduced nutrient absorption, impaired metabolism, and suppressed immune function.
  • Birovin destroys the biological activity of aflatoxin B1 Thus converting aflatoxin B1 to non-toxic compound which is not harmful to animal health
  • Birovin detoxifies ochratoxins as it can hydrolysis the amide bond between the isocoumarin residue and phenylalanine, resulting in the formation of ochratoxins α which is considered to be a non-toxic compound.
  • Birovin protects the liver by supporting the health and integrity of liver cells, and offers protection against tissue scarring, free radical damage, and the effects of circulating toxins due to its strong antioxidant, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, and regenerating properties.
  • Birovin plays an important role in repairing the damaged epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract and impaired intestinal barrier function which are damaged by mycotoxins.

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