Biotrix  is a dual purpose formula toxin binder and  liver tonic for ostriches that can mitigate a wide range of mycotoxins that affect ostrich in a biological way and ameliorate its deleterious effects on ostrich feed conversion ratio, immunity, and productivity.



  • Biotrix is a promising formula that contains species of beneficial bacteria that has a great role in biodegradation of aromatic mycotoxins due to their broad catabolic versatility and unique enzymatic capabilities.
  • Biotrix  reduces aflatoxins toxicity by degradation of coumarin which is the aromatic structural base of aflatoxins and prevents its transportation across the body, they can also protect against aflatoxins side effects such as reductions in transepithelial resistance and DNA damage.
  • Biotrix  biodegrades ochratoxins via the hydrolysis of the ochratoxins amide group followed by the release of ochratoxin α and L-β-phenylalanine which are non-toxic.
  • Biotrix  has a hepatoprotective activity due to its role in maintaining the antioxidant balance in the body, preventing fat accumulation on the liver, and helping in regeneration of  hepatocytes which  are affected by mycotoxicosis.
  • Biotrix  protects ostriches against oxidative stress that is caused by mycotoxicosis by increasing superoxide dismutase activity and  glutathione tissue concentration and inhibiting lipid peroxidation.

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