Biobax is a highly efficient biological water quality enhancer that can maintain high water quality parameters in optimum levels by detoxifying fish ponds and removing different pollutants which in turn maintains fish health and productivity.


  • Biobax Contains beneficial bacteria that can maintain pond water quality due to its role in using the organic compounds as a carbon source and utilizing sugar and alcohol as an energy source and prevent its negative effect on productivity rate.
  • Biobax prevents the accumulation of Excessive nitrogen and phosphorus in water that causes the proliferation of algae so it helps in reducing its effect on oxygen availability.
  • Biobax maintains good dissolved oxygen levels in the pond and decreases costs of water exchange due to its significant role in the purification process
  • Biobax contains beneficial bacteria that produce a biosurfactant that reduces the surface tension of the pond to help the different other additives to start working
  • Biobax breaks down the insoluble organic materials due to its content of bacteria that produce different hydrolytic enzymes such as amylase, protease, and lipase.

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