A distinctive product that improves digestibility of different nutrients and energy production resulting in enhanced feed conversion and growth



  • Betagrow improves digestion and absorption of various feed components and increases the digestion and absorption efficiency leading to high levels of growth and feed conversion and an enhancement in feed conversion ratio that exceeds expectations
  • Betagrow improves lipid metabolism in the body of poultry which improves liberation of energy and growth performance
  • Betagrow induces a marked decrease in fat accumulation and an increase in protein deposition which reduces fat accumulation and promotes muscle growth
  • Betagrow promotes gut health by performing a shift in gut flora toward favorable bacterial species which improves intestinal diseases resistance, feed conversion and subsequently enhances growth rate
  • Betagrow is a very effective product in improvement of feed absorption which positively reflects on feed conversion of poultry leading to enhancement of growth and feed conversion ratio (FCR) in broilers

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