A potent product which contains a balanced formula that enhances growth rate and decreases growth and feed conversion disturbances to the least extent



  • Becoral contains a balanced formula which has a potent effect on growth and growth rate that you can depend on it in prevention of all problems of growth and feed conversion disturbance leading to an efficient boost for the levels of broilers production resulting in improved production and quality of meat
  • Becoral enhances feed conversion and growth rate through promotion of gut health by performing a shift in gut flora toward favorable bacterial species which improves intestinal diseases resistance leading to improved levels of growth and feed conversion
  • Becoral serves as an antioxidant which is important in prevention of cell damage, membrane formation, muscle structure, muscle function and disease resistance due to its excellent antioxidant properties which reflects positively on growth performance and immune status of poultry
  • Becoral improves lipid metabolism which improves digestion and absorption of nutrients leading to high levels of growth
  • Becoral is also involved in protein and carbohydrate metabolism and insulin secretion which plays a very important role in promoting growth performance

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