The latest generation of acidifiers composed of high concentrations of organic acids supported by acid producing bacteria to maintain intestinal integrity for better digestion, less count of harmful bacteria in intestine and optimum protection against mycotoxins



  • Acidovac maintains integrity of intestines and improves gut health which leads to better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Thus growth and growth rate are greatly improved
  • Acidovac increases the feed intake and improves weight gain which improves feed efficiency and reduces the cost of feed leading to large improvement in feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Acidovac increases the length of villi and the depth of crypts of the intestines leading to a better absorption of feed which has a large positive impact on appetite and growth rate of poultry
  • Acidovac improves feed utilization leading to better performance in broilers by improving protein and energy digestibility through reducing microbial competition with the host for nutrients and endogenous nitrogen losses, lowering the incidence of sub-clinical infections, increasing secretion of immune mediators and reducing the production of ammonia and other growth suppressing microbial metabolites
  • Acidovac plays an important role in immune system support. This role includes the enhancement of the density of lymphocytes in the lymphoid organs which has a positive impact on the non-specific immunity (innate immunity)

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