-Cairo bio pharm is a global company specialized in the support and development of animal production and services through which we offer a new vision in the field of animal production, poultry and fish .-We have adhered strictly and consistently to international standards in production accompanied by high quality and uncompetitive prices. -We strive daily to meet the challenges of the various animal production industry ... -We develop modern methods to support poultry, fish, livestock producer and pet breeders all over the world and work to maximize their profits and returns from their investment -We wake up every day to work hard and sincerely to overcome new challenges that our clients may face Because we know and know closely their challenges and problems of our customers and analyze them to determine the causes in a scientific and accurate approach which finally overcome them effectively -we have a variety of different products that are of international quality that meet all the needs of the poultry, animal and fish production sectors and also support the health and safety of pets

Our products

Our products are designed to be able to compete in international markets and be leading products in this markets We are distinguished by credibility and always strive to satisfy our customers and to develop their business with all the methods and possibilities available so we offer our customers periodically the new practices in the manufacture of veterinary medicines .feed additives and alternative feed staff. We know that the secret of our continuity and excellence is the confidence of our customers in us and in our products and services so we always strive to maintain this confidence by providing more excellence and quality. We look forward to being one of the top 100 companies around the world in 2030, and we strive to achieve the highest levels of effort and high work quality .

  • Poultry medicines and preparations added to drinking water
  • Poultry medicines and preparations that are added to the
  • Medications and preparations for livestock given by mouth
  • Medicines and animal preparations added to feed
  • Veterinary antiseptics
  • Preparations and additives for fish feed
  • Drugs and Medications

cairo bio pharm activities

cairo bio pharm is engaged in the production and distribution of veterinary medicines, feed additives and veterinary disinfectants, as well as animal feed production. Currently, it is developing non-traditional live stocks feed that effectively reduce the cost of feed . In recent years, cairo bio pharm has developed the fields of producing plant extracts. It has become one of the distinguished companies in this field and has increased its use in medicine, feed additives and live stocks feed to achieve the best possible results

cairo bio pharm policy towards its agents and distributors

cairo bio pharm believes that its agents and distributors are the partners of its success, so it works constantly to cooperate with the best agents and distributors in all countries of the world and sets strict standards to choose its agents in a way that ultimately achieves our consumer benefits -We know well the role of our agents and distributors in Egypt and in all countries of the world and we are well aware of the challenges they face and the size of competition in their markets so we work with them around the clock and continuously to develop new strategies to work within those markets -We continuously cooperate with our agents and distributors to prepare detailed studies on competitors and their size, analysis of the internal and external environment, market demand and government policies related to our activity. -We support our agents and distributors with permanent training plans for their teams at the company's headquarters inside and outside Egypt and make sure that their teams are fully prepared to compete in a strong and fierce sales competition to be always occupy the lead.

Meet the need of agents and distributors

-we receive all inquiries and responsibilities from our agents throughout the day and respond immediately to their interests to ensure their continuation -Cairo bio pharm pursues industrial integration approaches with its agents and distributors, developing industrial partnerships with them in producing many products in their countries in order to increase the ability of agents to compete in their local markets and their qualitative superiority over their competitors -Cairo bio pharm provides its agents and distributors with products that suit the purchasing power and quality required for each market, following in-depth and detailed studies of their local markets and the extent of their need for the products and which of our products will be accepted and achieve the best results.

Cairo bio pharm staff

- cairobiopharm team is dedicated to the highest level of performance. cairobiopharm team always believes that our customers deserve to be distinguished when they choose our products and services so we should always strive to search for all new and distinctive in the world of poultry, livestock and fish production -We have skilled specialists working in the field of designing and manufacturing veterinary medicines , feed additives , traditional and non-traditional feed staff We have scientific teams working permanently and continuously to provide technical consultation to our clients We are keen to be in constant contact with all customers, whether in periodic meetings or seminars or even international conferences and exhibitions, and listen to the challenges and problems that we work until solve them radically and final We are happy to receive all the comments and inquiries of our customers and to answer them immediately and satisfactorily We are always in the service of our customers and always look forward to their satisfaction with our products and services

Integrative orientation of the company

Since the first day, the company is seeking to achieve the highest rates of integration in the business, where the company provides the opportunity to participate and integration in production and marketing activities with all companies operating and interested in the field inside Egypt and abroad Because of the importance of economic partnerships and its role in developing a good work environment through which we can produce better products and services suitable for our customers, the company decided from 2018 to open up all the producers and distributors of veterinary medicines , additive feed and feed as well as raw feed materials inside and outside Egypt, Has led to the formation of many partnerships and the acquisition of confidence of many agents and distributors around the world We always strive to have a high calibrated work environment through which we achieve our quality and excellence in serving our customers